If you wish to travel from Athens airport to Delphi on your own, you must go to KTEL Kifisou station and take a bus



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KTEL Fokidos is the one serving Delphi and its phone number is +30 210 831 7096 .


It is advisable to give KTEL Fokidos station a call and check on timetables. The trip from Athens to Delphi lasts about 3 hours depending on traffic conditions.


Click here for the official website of KTEL Fokidos

to buy your ticket

When you arrive at Delphi, it is better you take a taxi. After passing the Amalia Hotel, you will see the entrance of the European Cultural Center of Delphi on the right. Pass in front of the conference center (on the right) and after the theater you will meet the entrance of the guesthouse. Welcome!

Ηere is another way!

If you are coming from outside Athens, you should book accommodation for the night of the 7th July 2019 in advance.


You will easily be able to find an AIR BNB room or a hotel to spend the night near the Megaron- the Athens Concert Hall!

The metro subway swiftly connects Athens airport with Athens Megaron area; just get off at the station named Megaron Moussikis.

The next day, we shall be waiting for you at 10:00 am at Kokkali St.  (at the side of the Megaron) to travel to Delphi and arrive at ECCD together.

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